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A speaker
that empowers.

Whether it’s the wisdom of a mother that you need or the leadership of a strong female role model; Bi-Wi has you covered.


Dr. Glenice administers both in one healthy dose.  Her charismatic demeanor and humor is sure to meet you right where you are and get you to where you are going. Passionately telling her personal testimony of her own struggles with low self-esteem and the problems she’s encountered on her journey, makes it easy to connect with Dr. Glenice.  She will encourage you, labor with you and do all that she can to help to heal you and bring you to a place of wholeness and wellness.

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"I was that girl"

an intro to the digital series
Love Yourself First…Do the Work…You’re Worth It!” 
by Dr.Glenice Davis-Glover.  

"Every Deed Is A Seed"

"Hurt People Hurt People"

"You Are What You Attract"

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A talented and gifted guitarist and Psalmist.

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