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Impacting generations.

Confidence can be the one thing that changes everything!

Mentoring is the act and the process of helping, guiding and supporting others in their personal development.  A mentor is a person who guides, supports and advises others.  They take the time to get to know you and your individual challenges, using their understanding and personal experience to help you improve.

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I Am A Girl!

Meet some of our girls!

Hear first hand how the Bi-Wi mentoring program is transforming the way our girls view themselves
Meet The Girls

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Adopt-A-Girl (AAG) Bi-Wi's AAG campaign is an ongoing fundraiser to assist in the supplementation of funding for the girls to whom we administer the self-esteem building training. The girls that are enrolled in Bi-Wi are from low income families and are unable to provide the necessary funding for the services rendered. We have begun an ongoing fundraising event entitled Adopt-A-Girl to assist in supplementing the costs. Please contribute to AAG so that we may continue to service these beautiful princesses and continue our much needed work in assisting in the building of their self-esteem to a healthy level. All amounts are accepted, and you may feel free to donate as many times as possible. You are loved and you are appreciated.

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We're stronger together!

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